Singing With My Fingers

You can see interesting events from a church piano bench. For example, you can see a young couple holding hands below a hymnal where they think no one sees, at least you could when young people actually held hymnals. On the piano bench, you have a great view of what is happening. You can see up close a children’s program. However, the best views are of the congregation watching the children perform, especially the parents and family of the performers. Most of the time, Church of God parishioners are very neutral in their expression. However, when kids perform, the congregation smiles and their eyes twinkle, even the “sour and dour”.

There are some disadvantages of sitting on the piano bench. Obviously, everybody can see everything what you do, which is not always a good thing. When your music falls off the piano as you turn the page, or you start off playing in the wrong key, or going to sleep on the bench and falling while hitting the keyboard during prayer, these are not good at anytime.