International Missions


Church of God Global Missions Strategy

Since the late 1880s, the Church of God movement has been reaching out beyond the borders of the United States and Canada, resulting in a church body outside those geographic borders that is more than three times as large as the Church of God in the United States and Canada. 
At Global Strategy, we want to connect the passion that Christ puts inside us, each of us, to reach out beyond ourselves. We want to build bridges and break down barriers in an increasingly complex world to connect the followers of Christ and accomplish the work of Christ. We want to connect your passion cross-culturally in a strategic way that brings light to the darkness and hope to the lost. In partnership together, we will be the hands and feet of Christ in ways that none of us could ever be on our own.

Living Link Missions

Patrick, Jamie and Marco Nachtigall, Regional Coordinators
Patrick, Jamie and Marco are regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East. Their responsibilities include: Leading the Three Worlds mission team, which utilizes missionaries in a regional capacity to focus on mentoring youth, supporting young leaders, and creating connectivity within the Church of God in Europe and the Middle East; Serving as liaisons between Global Missions of Church of God Ministries and the missionaries and national leaders in Europe and the Middle East and North America; Joining with national leaders in strategic planning and implementation of ministries; Supervising, counseling, and coordinating missionaries; and Establishing budgets and raising funds for mission ministries.
Prior to accepting this assignment as regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East in 2010, Patrick and Jamie served as career missionaries in Hong Kong and China for nine years. Their newsletter is available by clicking here.

Children of Promise

As the child sponsorship ministry of the Church of God, Children of Promise partners with Church of God congregations in 27 countries across the globe to provide food, schooling, health care, and spiritual nurture to children in need. Begun in 1992, the ministry now reaches children in poor, isolated villages as well as those in teeming, urban slums. Wherever children need help, Children of Promise wants to be there.
The Evergreen Community Church of God sponsors two children through the Children of Promise.  Rachael Dedei is 13-years old and lives in Ghana.  We have sponsored Rachael for several years.  Rhio DEL ROSARIO is a new sponsored child.  He is 6-years old and lives in the Phillippines.  We have more information and letters from these children at this link.


Rhio DEL ROSARIO is 6-years old and lives in the Phillippines.

Rachael Naa Dedei

Rachael Dedei is 13-years old and lives in Ghana.
India Evangelical Mission

India Evangelical Mission (IEM), is a multifaceted ministry with the goal of building and equipping Indian nationals to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord (Matthew 28:19-20). Inspired by the strategy of the Apostle Paul highlighted in 1 Corinthians 9:22, IEM seeks to provide for the physical, spiritual, and material needs of the people.

The three main functions our ministry are:

  • IEM Children’s Home
  • IEM Bible College
  • IEM Evangelist Support Network (including IEM Leadership Training Institute)

In addition, we serve our neighboring communities by providing medical service, disaster relief, and financial aid to the poor.